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airless tires

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Subject: airless tires
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Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001 09:24:59 +0200
Fellow-travelers - 
check out the following:
Sounds interesting.
My first thought was "Hmm, tubeless tires without having to buy a new set of
wire wheels . . ."
My second thought was to contemplate what color tires would best compliment
painted wires on a Red CBB.
I see on Ameritire's site that they presently sell a whole line of bicycle
tires, including tires in a reflective yellow.
Being that whenever I am not MGBing I am BIKEing, it sounds like a great
safety feature, as well as being practical (no more flats).
70 roadster

Cloning? Why? Aren't most Americans pretty much exactly alike as it is?"

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