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Re: WOW - Even I don't believe it

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Subject: Re: WOW - Even I don't believe it
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Mon, 03 Sep 2001 11:41:08 -0700
OK, I can believe the Midget seat is wider, since width isn't an issue for
me, so I wouldn't have noticed (the seats do look squeezed in there, I
assumed it was just the narrowness of the cockpit), but how can you claim
the leg room is better? I guess you mean better for short people (very short
people). In the B I can run the seat so far back that I can't even reach the
high beam switch with my toe. In a Midget with the seat all the way back
against the bulkhead my knees are bent at a 40 degree angle, wedged up under
the steering wheel rim. My rough guess would be a 12 - 16 inch difference in
legroom in favor of the B. Which makes sense considering the difference in
wheelbase (11 in) and overall length (16 in).

I can't say I notice a difference in turbulence, though. Both windscreens
are pretty short.

on 8/31/01 8:39 PM, Larry B. Macy at wrote:

> Well Max, I have been busy and not reading the MG list for a bit, butt, it
> is true, not only is the seat wider in a Midget, but the leg room is better
> too. Go measure them for yourself.
> The only benefit I can see for a B is there a BUNCH less wind turbulence
> around the head at speed. Must be the goofy curved windscreen.
> Larry
> OK I'll give, better at acceleration too.
> On 8/24/01 9:33 PM, "Max Heim" <> wrote:
>> on 8/24/01 5:13 PM, Charles Sorkin at wrote:
>>> You might point out that spridget seats are bigger than MGB seats.
>> Huh? How can that be? The floor area of the cockpit is what, 40% smaller?
>> I suppose that might be useful if you had short legs and a big butt... <bg>


Max Heim
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