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Sharing a little progress (LONG

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Subject: Sharing a little progress (LONG
From: "Rick Lindsay" <>
Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2001 08:40:10 -0500
Hi Gang,
   The long weekend was put to good use -- and
I have to share a little of it.
   Friday, I reinstalled the newly cleaned fuel tank,
complete with cleaned pickup tube and verified-
working fuel level sender only to learn shortly
thereafter that the fuel pump had packed it in.  I
made a run to the local parts store and bought
a replacement.  An hour later, the new pump was
installed using all new rubber bits and new clamps.
   Upon power-up, I noticed no fuel entering the 
<clear> fuel filter.  Never a good sign.  I discon-
nected the line at the Weber DGV carb and the
filter immediately filled and actually made a little 
mess before I could get things under control.
The float valve in the carb was stuck closed.
   Removal of the top of the DGV told me that
it all had to come off.  The float chamber contained
something NASTY from days of setting with 
contaminated fuel in.  Time was running out (read: 
getting dark) and I had only enough time to remove 
the inlet manifold and carb as a unit.
   Saturday morning, after F1 qualifying, I removed
the carb and rebuilt it completely and reinstalled 
it on the car ('79 MGB LE).  I powered up the
ignition and the fuel pump began to run but no
fuel was delivered.  I then remembered that the
cap was put on the tank at 95+ degrees late
afternoon temperature.  When I removed the
fuel filler cap, a massive load of air swept into 
the tank.  The fuel pump couldn't overcome the
vacuum the dropping temperature had caused 
in the tank.  And yes, I do need to get the
tank vent working.
   Once that problem was overcome, the car
started right up and after a little mixture and idle
tweaking, ran great.  I still need to address the
tank vent.  It appears that the vent line on the 
tank is either plugged or the down-stream 
components are closed.  That is the project for
a later day.
   Yesterday, I cleaned and polished some of
the paint.  It appears that with a little polish, say 
20-30 gallons, the old B will start looking pretty 
   I did take the Ferrari out for a drive Monday
morning while it was still cool (but after the
F1 race).  My R134a A/C conversion has 
failed in that car too. :-|  The car ran like
stink!  I sometimes forget, especially when I
haven't driven the 308GTB lately, just how
quick that car is!   A rocket on wheels!

Best Tuesday,


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