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Re: Semi-nonLBC: info

To: Brent Schwartz <>
Subject: Re: Semi-nonLBC: info
From: Bill Saidel <>
Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2001 09:23:05 -0400 (EDT)
On Tue, 4 Sep 2001, Brent Schwartz wrote:

> Might I suggest a kit, such as the Factory 5,
> which uses stock Mustang 5.0 parts, and
> is supposedly quite reliable as long as you
> don't go nuts modifying it.  Open roadster
> look, side pipes, decent performance, not
> tooooooo expensive.  I just wish they
> would do an "Ace" body rather than
> the "427" which to me looks more
> brutish than elegent.

I, for one, thought the FF machine looks wonderful. It is $11K plus the
Mustang body (??? $3K from a junk yard) and maybe $3K more plus ? to put
together. (I figured for me about 15 months.)  And the guys I met at the
factory are quite nice.  But I wanted something to work on and drive
simultaneously. This was too large an investment with too long delayed

> Or as a crazy idea, do a V8 conversion to an
> MGB and run side pipes to your hearts content.
> If you don't mind a single side pipe there
> is always the Caterham "Super 7".  Which
> people seem to either love or hate but few
> would ever call slow.   If you just "gotta
> have two side pipes" there is the Westfield
> Seight which is esentially a Caterham with a
> V-8.   Or if you are on a budget there is the
> Birkin or the Viking.  The later allows
> many differrent engines, to include a totally
> wild twin turbo rotary that is unbelievably
> fast.

For a hobbiest (hobbyest?), the Caterham is somewhere between $25K to
$30K imported from England by a dealer in Delaware.  Seems to be pricey.

After figuring that I had only about $6K, I went after my B (no OD) 
and haven't been sorry since. [No, it did not cost the full $6K.] Not
being an historical junky, I'm beginning
to think about a bigger engine, a 5-speed and more comfortable seats.
After being on this list for 3 years, I know these things can be done

But I haven't yet figured out a pulley system to arise out of the seat
after a long trip.  The flexibility after 50 goes quite fast.


> Brent
> Larry Hoy wrote:
> > >AC, after treatment by Carroll Shelby.
> >
> > Oh sure, now there is a low maintenance car ...
> >
> > Larry Hoy

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