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RHD drive 51 TD FS

Subject: RHD drive 51 TD FS
From: Carl W French <>
Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2001 06:16:46 -0400
While driving out into the southern interior of my state I came across a 
small town roadside used car dealer with a TD parked out side in the dirt 
lot. The car belongs to an area doctor and has been maintained by this 
dealer. It looked like a not too bad older (mid 80's ) resto. The body was 
solid with maybe some areas of respray needed. The interior is intact but 
kind of amateur looking. the steering wheel is kinda shot and the veneer is 
tired. I think he was looking for about 12k. The interesting part was that 
the car had been featured and on the cover of one of the major UK based car 
magazines as part of a comparison with two other cars (a Jowett and 
something else). He had the issue there with the car.
Don't know nuthin about the guy or the car just came by it and thought it 
was worth mentioning about a RHD TD.

Carl French
Alfred, Maine
1 hour from Portland 

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