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Speedo calibration

To: <>
Subject: Speedo calibration
From: "mghirsch" <>
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2001 08:47:49 -0500
I just installed an OD trans in my 78B.  Before the conversion, the speedo
needle jumped and never gave an accurate reading.  As this is a typical
sympton of a bad cable, I never did anything about it until I installed the
new trans, since, I needed to install a new, longer cable.

Now the speedo gives accurate readings at 45 mph or below (18miles/1000rpm in
fourth, and 22 miles/1000 rpm in 4th with the OD in) but at higher speeds the
speedo reads low.  The faster I go, the greater the difference.  Does anyone
know how to calibrate the speedo?

Maynard Hirsch

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