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Re: Smog free

To: "David N Waldmann" <>
Subject: Re: Smog free
From: "Jim Boyd" <>
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2001 12:39:40 -0600

I am in exactly the same position. I will watch the responses you get very
closely. I have managed to locate most everything via  this exact kind of
note. I bought everything from one person except the catalytic converter
(purchased new). Unfortunately, the exhaust system will need to be modified
to accept the new catalytic converter. I am also missing he heat control
valve and shroud that goes with it (if anyone has this for sale let me

It would also be helpful if someone could help us understand how to test
all this stuff and determine if it is actually working once we get it back
in. I plan to install everything piece meal to make sure it still runs at
each step.

 In Colorado where I live I must pass an emissions test. I gave it a try
just to see where the car was without all the junk and of course it failed
- CO2 was way too high and HC PMM was way too high. The HC PMM is probably
because the car is running too rich. I need to figure out how to tune for
this. They also nailed me for not having the converter, pump etc.

I have been trying to understand the emissions stuff from the following
1. The MOSS MGB Restoration Parts & Accessories catalog (good drawings -
get the catalog if you don't have it)
2. Haynes MGB Automotive Repair Manual
3. Haynes MGB Restoration Manual - this one has a section on how to get rid
of the stuff, you can reverse the process to put it back.
4. Bently MGB Workshop Manual

Let's keep in touch as we go through this, maybe we can help each other.

Jim - 79B

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