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Smog free

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Subject: Smog free
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Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2001 13:35:05 -0400
Hi -

I have a 1972 Midget. The head is currently off awaiting the installation of a
new head gasket. Some of the smog equipment was removed when I bought the car
and I am wondering what if anything I should do at this point.

Since I am not intimately familiar with the smog system on my car I may not be
100% accurate as to what is/is not there.

As far as I can tell, the situation is thus:
The air pump is gone.
The tubes that go into the top of the intake are pinched/brazed shut.
The gulp valves are intact and hooked up.
The charcoal canister is intact and hooked up.
The breather from the top of the valve cover is attached to the charcoal

What if anything should I do? (I'm in Vermont and there are no emissions tests
for vehicles older than '96 or '98, don't remember exactly now). I read an
article that excessive oil burning (which my Midget does) can be afected by
improper emission equipment. While I have no intention of putting stuff back
unless I absolutely need to, I'm wondering what factors should be considered
in making my car "smog-free" (an unlikely term there since mo smog equipment
theoretically actually creats more smog!).

1972 Midget
1998 Safari
1999 9-3
1964 (Me)

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