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Cold-weather starting problems

To: <>
Subject: Cold-weather starting problems
From: "John Middlesworth" <>
Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2001 11:54:58 -0400
With temperatures turning cooler, I need to address this problem before I find
myself stranded.  I have a 72 MGB with SU HIF carburetors.  If the temperature
is in the 60's or lower, I can't get it started.  It's as if the fuel bowls
are empty.  Starter fluid will get it going a little but then it seems to run
out of fuel.  I replaced the float bowl valves (jets) recently, so I don't
believe they're getting stuck.  Is this just a mater of not having a rich
enough mixture?  It seems a little rich as is while I'm driving, and I don't
see how I can pull the choke out any more.  Could it come down to the fuel
pump?  (Mine's one of those square solid-state deals rather than the original

John Paul Middlesworth

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