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Re: MGB Trailer

Subject: Re: MGB Trailer
Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2001 20:53:42 EDT
A couple of interesting entries from the archives of the MG UK Site.  It 
might be worth a call over to your local U-Haul as well, as they advertise 
themselves as the largest installer of trailer hitches in the USA.  They 
might have something for a B in their books.  Couldn't hurt.

Posted 26 July 1997 at 04:00:26 UK time 
larry colorado l+<A HREF="";></A> Has anyone had 
expirence towing a small trailer 
(like a
mororcycle trailer) behind an MGB Roadster.
I want to build my own hitch and would appreciate
any info. from some one who has built a hitch or towed
a trailer. My book shows a max. of 100 lbs tounge weight 
with Max towing weight at 1000 lbs. 
Any info. would be appreciated.
THANKS Larry    
Posted 26 July 1997 at 06:22:47 UK time 
Gerald O', Scotts Valley CA Yes, my brother towed a small trailer from Texas 
to Alaska
with no ill effects with his '74 B. It was one of those folding
4'x4' trailers with a small box added that could open up into
a nice little tent-bed on top and carry cargo in the box.

Moss motors sells a small trailer suggested for use with a MG.
Just be sure your drive train is in good condition since trailer
towing will put added stress on it. You will need to service
your brakes and change lubricants and fluids more frequently.
I wouldn't recommend towing 1000lbs very far but a 500lb load
could be tolerated. Tires need to be in excellent condition too
and a notch wider wouldn't hurt, but not taller. A 185/70 would
be a good size.

-Gerald O'
Posted 26 July 1997 at 17:23:09 UK time 
Mike, Arkansas, <A 
Porter & Pollard state "the MGB 
makes an excellent tow 
vehicle for medium weight trailers and caravans", "copes with
a twelve foot caravan with surprising ease!" They also include
pictures and details for fitting a trailer hitch. Quotes are 
from: Improve and Modify MGB, Porter Publishing & Haynes 
Publishing Group, 1988, 1992, by Lindsay Porter and Dave Pollard.

Posted 28 July 1997 at 02:33:16 UK time 
Philip Morgan <A HREF="";></A> I'd be 
interested in knowing what the MG 
owners in Britain have to say about towing a trailer, i.e. a caravan! How 
does it handle, what size, what weight etc. I'm contemplating building my own 
fold out trailer, similar to the one in the Moss catalog only a lot nicer to 
look at. Anyone done so already?
Regards Padre   
Posted 02 March 1997 at 20:53:45 UK time    
Mike McBride Keensburg, ILL <A 
HREF="";></A> Could someone tell 
me if it 
is possible to put a hitch on a 75B? Does someone make one or do I need to 
fabricate one? I've looked it over and it looks like to me that I may need an 
engineer. Any help? Thanks.
Posted 02 March 1997 at 21:00:32 UK time    
Mike McBride Keensburg, ILL <A 
HREF="";></A> Could anyone tell 
me if it 
is possible to put a trailer hitch on a 75B? Does someone make one or do I 
need to fabricate one? I've looked it over and it looks like I may need an 
engineer. Any help? Thanks.
Posted 03 March 1997 at 04:03:03 UK time    
Philip Morgan <A HREF="";></A> Mike 
The MG Owners Club list a tow package in their accessories catalogue. Tow 
Bars for rubber bumpers are listed at 44.95 pounds sterling and the 
installation kit at 16.95 pounds sterling ( includes 
wiring,relay,socket,interior light,50mm ball, chrome or black ball cover. 
Multiply the figures by 1.5 to get a rough estimate of U.S. dollars. The MGOC 
has a website but their telephone number from U.S. is 011-44-1954-231318. 
Presently they are five hours ahead of EST.
Posted 03 March 1997 at 07:39:38 UK time    
Gary Beckwith, Oxnard, CA, <A 
HREF="";></A> Mike,
Why? I've pondered this question and have determined that
I would love to tow a small trailer on weekend trips. Being into
astronomy, it would be useful to have the trailer pre-loaded
with the telescope gear to just hitch up and go when I don't 
want to take the truck and want to drive the way we should drive.
Then again, there would be a loss of power on the hill climbs.
I suffer that now without a trailer.
What do you want to tow? That's the question, I guess.
These cars are made for a challenge and that's what we have.
Do you want to be more of a hazzard than we alreay are (people
staring at us, slow on the climbs, over-working the engine,
Sorry. Soapbox subject.
Trust Padre's advice, though. If you can't trust him...
Posted 04 March 1997 at 21:56:22 UK time    
Mike McBride Keensburg, ILL. <A 
HREF="";></A> Thanks for the help 
and Gary. I have a small trailer that I used to pull behind a mororcycle. 
It's not very heavy. I thought the extra space would be nice on the 2000 mile 
trip we're planning this summer. Phillip, I'll check into the package you 
mentioned. Thanks again guys.
Posted 05 March 1997 at 09:09:56 UK time    
Gary Beckwith, Oxnard, CA <A 
HREF="";></A> Padre,
Checked out the site and it looks like I have to pay more
$ for another membership to get this info. A light-load
M/C hitch&trailer would be great.

Could you ethically allow us to use your membership to get
what we need? JUST JOKING!!

Posted 06 March 1997 at 20:09:41 UK time    
Keith Wilds, Groton CT / <A 
HREF="";></A> One of the 
frothing maniacs(Hi 
Larry) took a "spare" rear rubber bumper and took it down to one of his 
fellow sociopaths witha welder, whereupon they proceeded to remove the rubber 
cover and welded on a mount that the ball screwed back onto after the rubber 
cover was re installed. My owners manual states that I'm allowed to tow up to 
1200lbs. An idea.

Keith W.    
Posted 06 March 1997 at 23:13:10 UK time    
Philip Morgan <A HREF="";></A> Mike,

Non-members can purchase items from the MGOC for an additional 10% over the 
price I quoted you. I won't want to cut up my rear bumper as suggested in 
another posting - the bumpers not attached securely enough to support 
additional tow capacity (in my opinion). If you end up with no option other 
than that through MGOC then please Email me direct - might be able to work 
something out - more than willing to help if I can. 
Regards Padre
Posted 07 March 1997 at 21:45:58 UK time    
Mike McBride Keensburg, ILL <A 
HREF="";></A> Phillip, I agree. I 
want to damage the bumper. I'm not sure yet what I will do. I appreciate the 
offer of help. I may get in touch with you later. Thanks again. Mike
Posted 10 March 1997 at 02:32:51 UK time    
Bill Robinson, MA, <A HREF="mailto:BILLRBN@AOL.COM";>BILLRBN@AOL.COM</A> Folks,
don't assume it fits on the bumper. My tow-hitch is 
one I have bought in the UK, carried over with my luggage
and fitted to my 'B. The typical sytle is fitted to the 
frame, not the bumper. The hitch itself is a large U shape.
If you buy one from Britain you will have to slightly 
modify how the ball is attached. Not a big job.

Posted 10 March 1997 at 21:27:38 UK time    
Mike McBride IL. <A HREF="";></A> 
Thanks for the input Bill. After 
studying it at length I had come to the same conclusion. I have a little 
experience in fabricating things like this. I think I'll experiment and see 
if I can come up with something functional that still looks like it belongs 
on the car. Thanks again everybody. 
Posted 20 March 1997 at 01:21:41 UK time    
Don Harvey <A HREF="";></A> I 
have a hitch on my '72 B that I tow a 
small trailer with. 
I had it made at a U-Haul dealer that does costom hitches.
It cost $125. My car does well with the trailer. 
Posted 29 March 1997 at 15:02:55 UK time    
Tom Keith,Huntsville Al <A HREF="";></A> 
I bought a trailer hitch which is 
rather substantial several years ago (for chrome bumpers) but never installed 
or used it. If you are interested, let me 205 534-1247



Steve in NJ

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