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Re: Update generator to alternator?

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Subject: Re: Update generator to alternator?
From: "Michael Lupynec" <>
Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2001 10:17:46 -0400
Watch your digital volt meter. If between longer nite trips (with
the engine shut off) you don't start trending gradually and
continually lower, I wouldn't worry. A good comparison would be
the voltage drop with the old headlites.

Mike L

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Subject: Update generator to alternator?

> This question isn't actually about an LBC, but the answer should
> be the same. I have an older Little German Car which has a volt
> meter installed. I just replaced the DOT standard sealed beam
> head lamps with a pair of E-code halogen head lamps, with 60/55
> watt H4 bulbs . At road speed (about 2800 RPM), when I turn on
> the new head lamps, the voltage reading plunges from about 13.5
> volts to just over 12 volts. Is this an indication that my
generator is
> not keeping up with the demand, and would replacing it with an
> alternator help out?
> Thanks,
> Jerry Causey

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