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LIST stumping question Help!

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Subject: LIST stumping question Help!
From: Kevin Richards <>
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 13:57:43 -0400
Ok, my name is Kevin Richards and I am researching the history of the
1957 Sebring MGA, #51.
I am trying to identify a certain car badge from a very blown up image
of the racecar in a turn. We blew it up and almost cannot identify that
it is actually a badge, so referring you to a picture would do no good
unless you have just about gone blind looking at the picture.
Anyway, what I am getting at here, is that this car badge is a mystery
to us.
Can any of you wise listers shed any light? Ed?
Here goes:
it is a round cloisonne badge, standard size (3" or so across), it has a
three spoked steering wheel at the periphery (composing the outer edge
of the badge), with a letter C at the center of the hub. It looks to be
the outline of a white Bear, yes as in GRRRRRR..a bear pointing head to
the right and tail to the left.

Some have said that this may be a California SCCA badge?
anyone know or have any better pictures or scans of the badge so we can
correctly ID the badge?

Please help
Kevin Richards
62 MGA in the half way there stage.

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