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Non LBC - Tragedy

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Subject: Non LBC - Tragedy
From: "Greg Bass" <>
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 13:48:27 -0400
Firstly off, I offer a heartfelt prayer to all the victims of this
senseless, cowardly act. I have relatives in NY also and so far I have not
heard from them, but I feel sure they are safe. I honestly feel helpless
right now and wish there was something I could do. Other thatn giving Blodd
there isn't much I can do here in Atlanta

As a veteran, I usually get angry when tragadies involving acts of terrorism
are inflicted upon the public. And whomever the perpetrators are, I
sincerely hope they get their just rewards. And I feel very confident that
this act will not go unpunished and the punishment fits the crime!

I have included  a short passage of text I have in my files and keep close
to my heart. I think it speaks volumns for those who take the time to read
it. It is about why soldiers are soldiers but I feel it has some meaning
pertinant to today's events and to our future.

Legions - (shortened for brevity)

Will the soldier's sacrifices be recognized? Probably not, but that is not
important. Will people still believe that they can live without legions to
defend them? Evidently so, because I have met people all my life who believe
that; and I dont see that changing. Will misinformed people continue to
sneer at people who believe in patriotism? Of course they will. But we, as
soldiers are willing to give our last golden moment for something of value,
for each other.

Will society be wise enough to allow the centurions to defend the frontier
with disciplined, iron-hard legions? That is the tough question, my friends.
Because somewhere out there in a world filled with chaos, hatred, and greed,
the seeds of other wars are growing, and preparing to sprout up and change
the order of things. These wars will not be won by push buttons, no matter
how high tech war has become. It will still take soldiers, proud legions, to
keep the peace. That is the nature of the world. It has been and always will
be, despite the best hopes and wishes of the liberal, peace loving society
for which we serve.

US Army (ret)

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