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Re: Non LBC -Tragedy

Subject: Re: Non LBC -Tragedy
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 00:51:36 EDT
Everybody keeps asking how us Americans are reacting to the tragedy. Well, I 
am a college student in the US, and we are ripped. There are countless people 
here on campus who know people who were in the WTC, or its vicinity, and many 
of those people want revenge. Nobody wants to injure  more civilians, and 
thus nobody wants a full scale war. However, what we do want is for whoever 
is responsible to be found, and put to justice, as well as better protection 
from terrorist attacks, instead of a missile defense shield. In the mean 
time, we are holding massive blood drives here, and I hope that everybody all 
listers donate blood as well. To those of you not in the US, let me just say, 
we thank you for your support.

1973  MGB (but that isnt important now)

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