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misaligned cam

Subject: misaligned cam
From: "E.Claure" <>
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 22:17:26 -0400
Hello list,  I took my car to the carb shop for tuning it lacks low end 
power and the plugs were black with carbon deposits. I got a call back from 
the mechanic and he wants to charge me extra for timing the cam? he tells 
me that the dots on the cam and crank gears were not aligned. (my jaw dropped)

When I rebuilt my engine I recall I was very very careful of making sure 
those little dots were aligned. The mechanic has put a doubt in my mind and 
really don't have the time to take the front engine cover off. Can I check 
for this another way? would my car run at all?

I have been running around in my MG lots and although it won't win races 
its fun and reliable.  Thanks for any input. E.Claure

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