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Re: More on tragedy

Subject: Re: More on tragedy
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 11:20:00 EDT
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> My family is with your in your prayers.  Tonight when we prayed together I 
> especially prayed with my 4 (nearly 5 now) year old daughter for all the 
> boys 
> and girls who will have lost their parents.  She doesn't really understand 
> but who can?  Who can imagine thousands of innocent civilians as well as 

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Read this story about one of our newest heroes.

The people on the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania voted to overtake the 
terrorists.  One of the passengers who was instrumental in doing this was 
traveling with his 2 month old child.

We have a whole new set of heroes in the USA.  I hope we can do what is right 
for their families and the nation.  300 firefighters and police have died so 
far in New York.

Now may be a good time to send a letter to the president (not e-mail, letters 
work better) and let him know what you think should be done.  Personally, my 
letter is going to recommend a worldwide referendum denouncing terrorism of 
any kind.  Any nation that refuses to sign should be sanctioned from the rest 
of the world.  Let the terroristic nations trade amongst themselves and the 
rest of us will leave them COMPLETELY alone.  At least then we will know who 
our friends are.

Just my 2 pence.  YMMV!

Allen Hefner
SCCA Philly Region Rally Steward
'77 Midget
'92 Mitsubishi Expo LRV Sport

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