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Re: WTC and a LBC question?

To: "Tom Bott" <>, "MG Net" <>
Subject: Re: WTC and a LBC question?
From: Eddie Sheffield <>
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 22:32:26 -0400
On Friday 14 September 2001 10:07 pm, Tom Bott wrote:
> Now to the question.   I recently acquired a 1962 MGB (#656).  It has been
> changed to a single 12 volt battery but is still wired positive ground.  I
> have read about how to convert it but I have this question.  Radios?  It
> appears they were optional in 1962 but assuming they were positive ground
> where can you find one?  Or is there some kind of converter you can put on
> a negative ground radio to make it work?  Or should I take singing lessons?

Occasionally I've seen older BL radios pop up on ebay, so you can look there. 
JC Whitney has a converter too. My dad had one years ago on VW Beetle he had, 
and I'm pretty sure it came from JC. I just looked and here's a link to 

You still need to be very careful about isolating the radio from the chassis. 
Actually if you're really careful you could probably do without the convertor 
and just wire the radio + to the chassis and radio - to radio power. You have 
to make sure that the speaker leads are isolated - don't use the chassis for 
speaker - (or + either!). All modern radios I've seen for quite a while warn 
against this anyway. Also watch the antenna. The base of the antenna is 
usually connected to the ground (shield) on the lead. Be careful you don't 
end up with a short through that lead! I'm not really sure how to handle 
that. You might check with Radio Shack too, though I can't find anything on 
their site right now.


1971 Midget

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