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Re: WTC and a LBC question?

To: "Tom Bott" <>, "MG Net" <>
Subject: Re: WTC and a LBC question?
From: Bob Shaw <>
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 22:09:12 -0500
At 10:07 PM -0400 9/14/01, Tom Bott wrote:
>Good Day All,

>Now to the question.   I recently acquired a 1962 MGB (#656).  It has been
>changed to a single 12 volt battery but is still wired positive ground.  I
>have read about how to convert it but I have this question.  Radios?  It
>appears they were optional in 1962 but assuming they were positive ground
>where can you find one?  Or is there some kind of converter you can put on a
>negative ground radio to make it work?  Or should I take singing lessons?
>62 MGB
>79 MGB LE
>80 MGB (for sale)
>78 MGB parts car (for sale)
Singing is not a bad idea, and listening to a B series engine (or an 
A series engine, for that matter) is a nice way to gain auditory 
enjoyment while driving an MG. However, for those who use real 
mufflers instead of the pretend one I use, and who want to stay 
positive ground, you might try a truck parts store. Some trucks ran 
positive ground until the relatively recent past. Otherwise, you 
might get a converter from radio shack, but that involves isolating 
the entire system, a real pain. And if you have an isolation failure, 
well the Gruchi (sp?) family may look on with envy.

Then again, you might convert to negative ground.....
Bob Shaw
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