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OT-Day of Rememberance

Subject: OT-Day of Rememberance
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 07:31:24 EDT
Greetings All,

A few quick words to our English and Canadian friends:

Our media has broadcast highlights of the services in London and Ottawa. I 
was deeply moved by the facts that they chose to open the services with "The 
Star Spangled Banner." I know that there are a number of English and Canadian 
folks on the list and want to express my gratitude.

Sixty years ago the freedom loving nations of the world banded together to 
defeat a great evil that had infested our world. They were victorious. Now, 
it seems that we must do it again. We WILL be victorious again. The stirring 
words of Winston Churchill come to mind. To paraphrase, we shall defend our 
nations against any foe and we shall never give up. 

Eric Markley

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