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Re: How to become a DPO

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Subject: Re: How to become a DPO
From: "JustBrits" <>
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 12:21:50 -0500
*In a message dated 09/15/2001 9:31:44 AM Eastern *Daylight Time,
* writes:
*> The above works until you connect your average *antenna. (Bzzzzap!
*And at 10:06 AM (same date) Allen Hefner replied *and I quote:
*<< The antenna and speakers have to be isolated as you *said, >>
At THAT point, I wrote another EXPERIENCED Two-way radio LBCer and I quote:

"Hey, Mxxxx !

  The POS/NEG grd has popped up on the mgs list.

Should I tell 'em??


to which he replied:

"Ed, Just tell them that since there is no clear answer that they should
ground both battery terminals to be safe!"

And THAT is the diffinative ANSWER, folks!!


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