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A father mourns the loss of his daughter - please read!

Subject: A father mourns the loss of his daughter - please read!
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 08:27:09 EDT

I received the following post from one of my local club members. John Simmers 
is a great enthusiast and is seen throughout the the United States in his 
MG....usually with his black MGC/GT .. and in years past with his green 
MGB/GT.  John often wears a kilt and always smokes a pipe, espescially on 
show days.

If you would like to send John and his family a sympathy card and do not have 
his mailing address, please contact me off-list. (

My sympathies to John and his family.

rick ingram
step-father of two teenage sons
past chairman, NAMGBR
concours coordinator, NAMGBR
regalia coordinator, MG 2001
founder, Prairie Octagon MG Club
1969 MGB - 1978 MGB - 1974.5 MGB/GT V8

I'm sure you saw John in Minnesota.  I didn't know if you knew about this.  
This was on the MGC Bulletin Board at this address <A 
It was good to 'C' you,
Dane Lay - 1968 MGC - 1979MGB


John Simmers, Mississippi, USA, <A 
On 1 September my Daughter, Susan, died of unexpected but natural causes. She 
was 30. These are her comments on out trip to St Paul and MG 2001 Odyssey.

By Susan Simmers
My father calls me, wants to know if I want to go on a road trip to 
Minnesota. He's in Mississippi, I'm in Virginia, I say sure. Thus begins the 
MG 2001 Odyssey tour, me and dad, cramped car, wind blowing in our hair, in 
my case also a spunky little bug that I think hitched from Illinois to 
Wisconsin in my hat, and deaf as posts from that "purring" engine. We are 
headed to a car show in St. Paul. I am only along to see the world, so I hope 
this doesn't offend the purists - there were a lot of cars, they were shiny. 
I can only speak of what I saw, not who had the cleanest whatnots...that's 
not my job. What I will say is what I've discovered...I have discovered that 
people eat cheese curds. I discovered that there are an awful lot of cows and 
corn between here and Minnesota. I learned a lot about gas station bathrooms. 
I learned the term "sanitary" is only a term. I learned that you should 
always bring your own liquor, and they sell lotto tickets everywhere, and 
sometimes you can get both!!! I discovered that there are places that dads 
still fill up the backs of their beat up pick-ups with ratty Popsicle stained 
kids to go get bait to go fishin' - I learned this in West Virginia, where a 
10 year old girl explained to me how to tell a good worm from a bad one. I 
learned that if you forget to pack pants, you can get them in Tomah, 
Wisconsin, providing you are 8 feet tall, which I am not, but the people 
there won't laugh if you roll the cuffs up. I saw little kids hoot at Dad's 
MGC, maybe the way he thought at that age "when I grow up, I gotta get one of 
those", sitting on their porches, dreaming away. I saw women swoon, men 
jealous, and awe-inspired kids. I also discovered that Minnesota people 
really do talk that way, and they don't really mind if you think it's funny, 
they do too. At the Show, there was a great camaraderie, good weather, beer, 
entertainment, beer, ya sure, ya betcha. It was lovely, the little ones had 
sunscreen, the big ones had, well, beer......But it was a nice trip for me, I 
saw wildflowers, mountains, cows, great sunsets, cows, beautiful prairie, 
cows, and I have a lovely assortment of refrigerator magnets. But mainly I 
got a chance to hang out with my Dad, meet some interesting people. I opted 
for the hotel jacuzzi, I can only be interested in car parts for so long. But 
I do think it's great when people come together to share, be it over a valve 

I miss her so very much.

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