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Re: Is the 1965 MGB the best year made?

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Subject: Re: Is the 1965 MGB the best year made?
From: stephen bartley <>
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 19:24:57 -0400
> Well, if you can't own an MGA, the next best thing is a 3 main B, 63/64 - I
> prefer the early transmission.
> Bill

Seconded-- I own an early '63 MGB, i much prefer it over the '69 B I once
owned. Definitely a vintage feel, between the 3-main, 3-synchro, the pull
handle doors and that wonderful old dash with the original AM radio and
single speaker in the dash. and the look on people's faces when they exclaim
"That's a '63????"

Stephen P Bartley
Portsmouth NH
1963 MGB

"We'll throw all our cares away, It's a Ragtop Day"--Jimmy Buffett

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