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heater/blower switch/directionals malfunction MGB.

To: "mgs" <>
Subject: heater/blower switch/directionals malfunction MGB.
From: "Dan Furbish" <>
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 22:41:45 -0400
Hello all,
This evening in Massachusetts it was a tad chilly, fogging
up the inside of the windshield, for the first time this year
I turned on the defroster.

The heater/defroster worked just fine 'but', when the heater/
blower switch is off , both my directionals work fine while 
driving with my lights on, when the blower switch is on, when I
use my left directional it works/blinks perfectly, when I use my 
right directional it only stays lit and only blinks once every 
30 seconds. ??
All the bulbs are fine and they all work fine when the blower 
switch is off.
I can live with it just fine the way it is, but ................ .

Any comments on this ? 


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