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Re: heater/blower switch/directionals malfunction MGB.

To: "Dan Furbish" <>, "mgs" <>
Subject: Re: heater/blower switch/directionals malfunction MGB.
From: Eugene Balinski <>
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 23:44:48 -0300

   If you have the problem only at idle such as as a stop light,
then the problem could be that your alternator (generator on a 68 ?) is just
not making enough
power at idle to run everything.  To test this, simply turn
on the headlights and blower, and turn on the directional signal.
Now rev the motor to above 2000 - 2500 and see if the blink rate
increases. If it does, then that may be the problem.  It may also
have to do with the condition of the battery as well as corrosion
in the blinker sockets causing further voltage drop.  Check the battery
water level, and then put a charger on it.  See what the results
are after a good charge.  Note, this problem manifests itself
more in older generator type systems.  I do not remember if the
68 has a generator or alternator.

   I have a similar problem on my 80 B.  Mine is further complicated by the fact
that the 2 electric fans come on when the motor gets warm, and never
shut off.  The fans put a real drag (load) on the alternator.  Add headlights
and the fan for the heater, and there is just not enough power left to
blink the directional signals idle.  A little rev and they blink just fine.
As I do drive at night alot, I do put the battery charger on every now and
again to make sure that the battery has come back to a fully charged condition.
If left is a low charge condition, the battery can become damaged and can fail
prematurely.  Note, this failure is usually at the worst possible time ; - ) 

   Enjoy driving in Mass.  There are some great drives there especially in
the Berkshires.
Fine food out there as well. 

Gene Balinski

80 B 

At 10:41 PM 9/19/01 -0400, Dan Furbish wrote:
>Hello all,
>This evening in Massachusetts it was a tad chilly, fogging
>up the inside of the windshield, for the first time this year
>I turned on the defroster.
>The heater/defroster worked just fine 'but', when the heater/
>blower switch is off , both my directionals work fine while 
>driving with my lights on, when the blower switch is on, when I
>use my left directional it works/blinks perfectly, when I use my 
>right directional it only stays lit and only blinks once every 
>30 seconds. ??
>All the bulbs are fine and they all work fine when the blower 
>switch is off.
>I can live with it just fine the way it is, but ................ .
>Any comments on this ? 
>68 MGBGT 

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