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Subject: RE: Latest addition/addiction
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Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 07:49:25 -0500
Thanks Tommy, we had a great evening.  We like meeting list members, it's
nice to put a face with the names.  I'd love to see a huge turnout at
RENDEZVOUS 2001 the first weekend in November in Tallahassee.  This should
be a truly outstanding event.  I know the Big Bend MG Club has been working
very hard to make this a remarkable event.  I'm not exactly sure what car
I'll be driving, hopefully the MG 1100.  If not, probably Old Smokey.  Even
if neither are capable of making the drive, we'll be there for an exciting
weekend of MGs.  Just another part of the addiction, you can never look at
too many MGs.  It seems you see something new and different on each one.


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Subject: Latest addition/addiction

First off congratulations on getting another toy.
By the way did I tell you my 70B is for sale?

To the list,
You guys REALLY need to meet Ken and his truly wonderful wife Christine and
RENDEZVOUS 2001 is your chance.
A couple of months ago I was begging the list for a windshield wiper for my
Ken responded and we exchanged addresses.
Guess what? Ken lives about 2 miles from where I was going on vacation the
following week
We arranged to meet and exchange part for cold beer, but no, Ken and
made it much better.
They invited 4 strangers Me, SO and 2 kids) over for a cookout.  What a

This list has provided me with information, parts and a few really good

70 B - for sale, my wife isn't as understanding as Ken's
67 Sprite -HAN 9L66198M -running and legal after 15 years in a barn

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