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MGB tube axle

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Subject: MGB tube axle
From: "David F. Darby" <>
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 15:41:25 -0500
Ladies and Gents,

I know that some of you have de-clunked your Salisbury-type MGB rear axles,
and I hope that you might be able to advise me.

My '67MGB-GT was suffering from the well-known rear end clunk. I decided to
replace the thrust washers sets. These are the copper washers behind the
differential pinion gears and the fibre washers behind the differential
gears. I've never done this task before and I am using Lindsay Porter's MGB
resto book and the Bentley workshop manual.

The rear end is in the car, the axles shafts are out, the case cover plate
is off, and I am not removing the ring, pinion, or differential cage. The
job seems straightforward enough, but I am stuck trying to remove the pinion
pin (part #17 in the Bentley manual). The split roll pin (pinion peg) that
fastens through the diff cage and the pinion pin came out in two pieces with
a 5-6mm chunk missing! I can't imagine how it could have broken, I've no
idea where the missing piece is, and the pinion pin was allowed to freely
rotate in its bore. After I removed the split roll pin I assumed the pinion
pin would easily drift out, but it only moves about .060" or so in either
direction and stops as if something is still holding it. I am tapping it
lightly with a 16oz. hammer and an old wristpin from a lawnmower engine. I
assume I shouldn't be whanging away at with the big stuff. Right?

Am I missing something here? Has anyone else had complications with this
job? Any suggestions?


David F. Darby

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