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RE: MGB tube axle

To: Phillip Farmer <>
Subject: RE: MGB tube axle
From: Bill Saidel <>
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 17:24:23 -0400 (EDT)
Hey David and Phillip, how about summarizing all the responses you
receive and forward them to the list (and to me) for that de-clunking is 
a job I may do this winter.


On Fri, 21 Sep 2001, Phillip Farmer wrote:

> Anyone that replies to David on this please copy the list of me.  I have
> parts ordered and I'm fixing to start the same job on my 80 B.
> Thanks,
> Phil Farmer
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> Subject: MGB tube axle
> Ladies and Gents,
> I know that some of you have de-clunked your Salisbury-type MGB rear axles,
> and I hope that you might be able to advise me.
> My '67MGB-GT was suffering from the well-known rear end clunk. I decided to
> replace the thrust washers sets. These are the copper washers behind the
> differential pinion gears and the fibre washers behind the differential
> gears. I've never done this task before and I am using Lindsay Porter's MGB
> resto book and the Bentley workshop manual.
> The rear end is in the car, the axles shafts are out, the case cover plate
> is off, and I am not removing the ring, pinion, or differential cage. The
> job seems straightforward enough, but I am stuck trying to remove the pinion
> pin (part #17 in the Bentley manual). The split roll pin (pinion peg) that
> fastens through the diff cage and the pinion pin came out in two pieces with
> a 5-6mm chunk missing! I can't imagine how it could have broken, I've no
> idea where the missing piece is, and the pinion pin was allowed to freely
> rotate in its bore. After I removed the split roll pin I assumed the pinion
> pin would easily drift out, but it only moves about .060" or so in either
> direction and stops as if something is still holding it. I am tapping it
> lightly with a 16oz. hammer and an old wristpin from a lawnmower engine. I
> assume I shouldn't be whanging away at with the big stuff. Right?
> Am I missing something here? Has anyone else had complications with this
> job? Any suggestions?
> Regards,
> David F. Darby

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