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MGB Hood & Paint

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Subject: MGB Hood & Paint
From: "Jeff Sharpe" <>
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 19:47:04 -0400
Hey everyone!  Back on the list after three years out, was in Austin now in

My 71 B is finally in the shop for bodywork and paint back to original New
Racing Green.  HUGE boxes of parts from Dick Burger just arrived and a new
canvas top from Caribou.  Pretty dang excited, I'm not ashamed to say!

The shop tells me that the old Texas hail damage to the hood will take a lot
of labor, and a replacement hood makes more financial sense.  I'm on a really
tight budget so I have to ask before I buy a Moss replacement - is there a
good used hood within driving distance from Atlanta that anyone wants to

Also a paint question.  These guys do all their work using base coat / clear
coat PPG, and I know they have lots of happy customers.  I've heard some
downsides to the clearcoat route, though.  Am I fixin' to make a big mistake
or is just a case of nerves?

Thanks in advance - Jeff

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