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Re: question about burnt wires

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Subject: Re: question about burnt wires
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 17:37:37 -0700
Hmm, I'm not sure you can change the carburetor. As a 1979 model you still
have to pass smog in California, so I'm not sure you can get away with
changing anything.

I don't think they give a hoot about the engine number, however. They will
check for smog equipment as per the registered year of the car (1979). That
probably means you are limited to an engine from 1977-80. It's not that you
couldn't use an earlier block, but if you want a complete drop-in motor you
should try to get one from the right years, to avoid hassles with
retrofitting multiple small items here and there, or possibly not passing
smog. If, on inspection, your current head checks out OK, and your carb is
in good shape, you might consider just obtaining a short block, if you can
find one, to save money.

Since your fire was incendiary in nature, as opposed to electrical, I
wouldn't think that any electrical parts were necessarily damaged, beyond
what is obviously burned. Did any of the fuses blow?

Definitely count on changing all the clutch components (disk, pressure
plate, throw-out bearing) when you change engines. It's false economy not to
renew them all when you have the chance.


on 9/21/01 4:20 PM, rexcats at wrote:

> Hi
> this is about the 79 MGB that has the blown engine now,  the wire  that use
> to connect to the distributor, and another that connected to the heater
> assembly are burnt to a crisp, from the fire that was in the engine,
> question is do you think this will have destroyed the distributor? or any
> other electrical parts that were connected to wires that burned?  The car
> engine died as soon as it got the whole inside the block,  I am asking
> because I am contemplating just how much I am going to have to budget for to
> put in a new engine.  and anything else that is destroyed under the Bonnet.
> Oh and for those of you that have done this before what type of
> modifications have you done to improve your vehicles performance when
> swapping out engines etc..  I am pretty sure my husband will want to change
> the single zenith to a Weber or the dual SU's, which means changing the
> manifold etc..  We figure basically since we have to start from square one
> and everything will be taken out it would be good to try and fix and replace
> as much as we can and make this a really strong daily driver, we will also
> be checking out the transmission and clutch and doing anything that needs
> done on that too.  Another question when you change engines your engine #
> changes does this effect anything with the DMV? and do you have to supply
> paper work etc.. to them for this?  I know all of this may sound like I
> don't know what I am talking about that is probably because I don't, my
> husband fixes everything and asks what he is using to pay for it!  My job is
> ordering parts, DMV and finding the money<LOL>  Anyway I know this is going
> to be expensive and I am just thinking ahead of time so I have a ball park
> idea on what it will cost.
> Thanks
> Lisa Ann


Max Heim
'66 MGB GHN3L76149
If you're near Mountain View, CA,
it's the red one with the silver bootlid.

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