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Steering rack

Subject: Steering rack
From: Paul Root <>
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 10:15:56 -0500
        So I got my tie-rods off Saturday night, using a 
3lb hammer, and the trick of putting a jack stand under the
tie rod to let the weight of the car help.

        I then got the new steering rack boots installed. I was
a bit miffed that I only got one set of clamps with the boots,
but made due with old ones. 

        Now, the question. How much gear oil do I put in the
steering rack? And what's the preferred method of putting
it in (i.e., which hole do I put it in)?

        A quick test drive last night, tells me I that the
front end is tightened up a bit. So I guess I needed the
tie-rod ends anyway. 

        I still need to do an alignment, but that's easy.

        Next spring, I think I need to do bushings. 

        Unfortunately, I need to start looking for
winter storage. 

        I should have driven it to work this morning. It
was 38 after all. Perfect top down weather! :-) Tomorrow 
morning for sure! Maybe I better start looking at fixing
the heater/fan. :-|

'77 B

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