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re: Cat. convertor

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Subject: re: Cat. convertor
From: "mghirsch" <>
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 15:38:13 -0500
The inside of the convertor should have a ceramic material that from the end
looks like a small honeycomb.  While the PO may have removed it, it is more
likely that the material had loosened over time and the vibrations caused it
to break into small pieces and pass through the exhaust.

Assuming you still have the original carb and air pump, and how far off your
readings were, you might be able to pass without replacing the convertor.

1.  Get an oil change just before going for the test.

2.  Get the engine hot and geep it hot until through with the test.

3.  Retard the timing.

3.  Lean the mixture.

The car will not run as well as it should, but you can reset it after the
test.  While our club was having a tech session, a member with an 80B was
complaining he didn't pass.  We did the above work and he had no problem.

Maynard HIrsch

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