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RE: Moss Motors - was RE: MGB tube axle

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Subject: RE: Moss Motors - was RE: MGB tube axle
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Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 08:47:34 -0500
I signed up and didn't buy anything.  Just email address, password.  Maybe a
few other things, don't remember what all.  But I definitely didn't buy

Phil Farmer

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Subject: Moss Motors - was RE: MGB tube axle

I went to the new Moss site to check out the below mentioned tech articles.
In order to get in, it said I had to register. No problem - I entered my
Moss customer number, email address. new password, etc. But then I got to a
point where they wanted my credit card number in order to purchase
something for $6.95 with no cost for shipping.

I went back several pages and couldn't figure out what I was buying except
access. Has anyone signed up to be a Moss "member"? Can anyone enlighten me
as to what they were charging me for and if it was worth it?


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