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Re: new virus. (NON-LBC)delete if no computer interest

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Subject: Re: new virus. (NON-LBC)delete if no computer interest
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Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 09:51:19 -0700 (PDT)
On Tue, 25 Sep 2001, Andrew B. Lundgren wrote:

> They might try, but it is technically not possible to write a virus for
> *inx based machines.

BTW, your line break is wrong.  Email clients should traditionally
break lines from 70-74 chars, so that there is room to reply without
odd quotes.

As for *nix based viri, it is quite possible.

This is a proof of concept virus that infects both Linux and Windows.
The key about unix that makes it protective is the limitations of user
permissions, so a user cannot infect system files.  As for actual
propigation, while it hasn't happened yet, it can.  I suspect MacOS
will bring viri to the unix world fairly quickly.  All it takes is one
known unpatched local root vulnerability.

> MS, eCS, OS/2 and MACs are all susceptible to virus infections, as well.

Macintosh is the name of the computer.  Shortend, it can be spelled as
"Mac".  It is not an acronym, and should NEVER be spelled MAC.

> MS does not have total dominance in the server market, but they are
> pretty high on the problem report list.

Microsoft, to its credit is somewhat good about releasing patches.
They are not as good as the Linux/BSD vendors, but are better than
Apple or Sun.  Most of the problem lies in lazy administrators, who
either don't know (no excuse) or don't take action when a patch is
released.  The last 3 IIS worms all utilized the same vulnerability.
The most recent one is using vunerabilities patched at least 3 months
ago in IIS, almost a year in Outlook.

Now, I am not Microsoft lackey.  I use FreeBSD for servers, and my
workstation at work is also FreeBSD based.  I have a Mac at home.  I
refuse to use many MS products on the grounds that they do not meet
my needs.  If you use a product (any product, from any company), stay
up to date.  That doesn't always mean you have to upgrade, but
periodically check and make sure you have all patches available.

> No more from me on this, as it is NON-LBC...
quite.  ditto.

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