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New ConvertableTop (Drop Head)

To: <>
Subject: New ConvertableTop (Drop Head)
From: "Eugene Harrison" <>
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 13:29:41 -0700
Does anyone know of a description or tips on the installation of a new top for
a '79 MGB? I have the one that uses your old header rail and it came from MOSS
without instructions. I have the top placed on the frame and in the sun to
soften it and have placed "bulldog Clips" at the front rail to hold it in
place. The old top used contact cement at the header rail and I will use it
too, but from past experience, I know that contact cement does not allow any
adjustment after the parts are brought together. Thus, my quarry to the list.
Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
P.S. I tried using Listquest to search the archive but could not connect so
sorry if this topic has been recently broached.
Eugene Harrison
'79 MGB almost daily driver.

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