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RE: Electrical connections get hot - your opinion / experience

Subject: RE: Electrical connections get hot - your opinion / experience
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 07:55:18 -0400
Hi guys,

Thanks David, I'll check the relevant colors.

Just a brief update for the green related (a.o.) wires I've thoroughly
cleaned both male and female connectors with chrome cleaner.
I've used Q-tips as advised and guess what - these really got absolutely
I've put these Q-tips into my battery powered screwdriver unit and got the
tip turning quickly - the contacts are like silver shiny now...

The next moulded connector is to be treated similary tomorrow...

When driving the next time I'll do some temperature measuring again....
I'll keep you updated...



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Subject: Re: Electrical connections get hot - your opinion / experience

Hello, Hans.

This may have been said before but I've been a bit busy to follow this
Generally, heat = resistance and corrosion can be a cause. But then again,
heat is produced by high current; you might expect some heat from headlamp
wiring (brown, blue/red and particularly blue/white).
You won't have to bypass the connector group if it is a multiplug-just
separate it and clean the male and female connectors.
Incidentally, have you ever touched an old-type (Dash Mounted) Lucas
ignition switch when the lights have been on? They get *hot*, which is
presumably why they have a ceramic insulator.

Hope this helps,
Dave Hill
'72 ST BGT.

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> Subject: Electrical connections get hot - your opinion / experience please
> > Hi listers,
> >
> > Mostly I'm quite comfortable with electricity and basicly for the issue
> > have now I can find the solution as well, but like to know the best
> > from MG respective view.
> >
> > This weekend I've been touring several times in darker times, so the
> lights
> > were on.
> > It all works fine, but some wiring connections under the dash become
> rather
> > hot.
> > It regards a moulded connector group, which are connecting many wires
> > together in one time.
> >
> > As these are an integral part of the wiring loom, I never have replaced
> any
> > bit of it while restoring the BGT.
> > All other bullet connectors which were lose have been replaced and the
> black
> > receptacles were these fit into have been replaced alltogether. This
> > resulted in a never failing electrics sofar.
> >
> > Now I'd like to know your opinions:
> > Should I cut these moulded connector groups off and replace these with
> > separate new bullet connector joints?
> > Are there safe alternatives?
> >
> > Thanks in advance.
> >
> > Cheers,
> >
> > Hans
> >
> > '71 BGT

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