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Re: MGs on the Rocks

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Subject: Re: MGs on the Rocks
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Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 14:55:11 -0400
Yep! I'll be there Eddie.

A Really flipped out event from late last night.....
A going away party for a co-worker at a pub near work...
standing out front near midnight I had a gentleman
coming out of the pub that yours?
(my '73 Blaze Red daily driver MGBGT)...
Apparently he's seen me running around the area before.

He asked too if I was going to be at the rocks Saturday.
Wow... another MG enthusiast right down the road from me  :-)
Supposedly he has 4-5 MGA's plus a bunch of others.

So now I know I've got two people to hunt down.

I'll be easy to spot... wearing my Teglerizer T-shirt with 
list logos on the front and car pics on the back.

...can't decide whether I'll be putting the Midget on the field
or just driving up in the BGT or Spit.

See ya' all there.

Paul Tegler

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Subject: MGs on the Rocks

Anybody going to MGs on the Rocks tomorrow are Rocks State Park in MD? I 
missed two shows last weekend due to my son being sick, but all is well now 
and this is usually a great show! Won't be taking the Midget, but will be 
there with the familly.

Info at:

1971 Midget

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