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Re: New Radiator Advice Sought

Subject: Re: New Radiator Advice Sought
From: Eric <>
Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2001 14:31:56 +0930
Phil Bates wrote:
> Today was the day.  I hit the brakes too hard, and my fan hit the
> radiator.  

Wow!  I think some new engine mounts would not go astray (or a bloody
great restraining strap for the block) before I dropped in a new radiator.

The way I drive, there is no such thing as braking 'too hard' (well,
brake lockups are not desirable but they generally only hurt tyres and
maybe brakes, they don't send the engine out the front of the car:-) so
I think the radiator is not the only problem you have.

> Should I replace this with a new MGA radiator, or an MGB radiator.  The
> car did not have an overheating problem with what was in it.

When you are on a good thing....

Adelaide, South Australia

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