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Re: New Radiator Advice Sought

To: <>
Subject: Re: New Radiator Advice Sought
From: David Ambrose <>
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2001 21:57:18 -0700
I don't think the engine is supposed to move forward like that. :-)
Sounds like the motor and/or tranny mounts may need replacement too.

As for the radiator, you might be able to get it recored for less than
another rad. I have an improved core in mine which seems to work well,
even in sunny San Diego.

Phil Bates wrote:
> Today was the day.  I hit the brakes too hard, and my fan hit the
> radiator.  Hence, I will be buying a new one.  The car is a 1958 MGA
> with a 3 main 1800 engine and a 1500 head (not that the head has
> anything to do with this).  The current radiator, which is now shot, is
> an MGB radiator, which someone had to do some cutting to fit in
> (basically for the bolts that go in the ratiator mounts, which are
> different than MGA mountings).  The question to the list is:
> Should I replace this with a new MGA radiator, or an MGB radiator.  The
> car did not have an overheating problem with what was in it.

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