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Re: MG TF (long)

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Subject: Re: MG TF (long)
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Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 15:11:08 -0000
Whilst MG Rover *are* guilty of causing confusion they are not reusing an
old name any more than the MGA or the MGB did.  The new model is the 'MGTF'.
With the manufacturer being 'MG' the full designation is 'MG MGTF', just as
the full designation of the MGA was 'MG MGA' and the MGB was 'MG MGB'.  The
MGA is often referred to as 'the A' and the MGB as 'the B'.  MG Rover
themselves variously refer to the new model as 'MGTF', 'MG space TF', 'TF',
and 'MG space italics on TF italics off'.

Clear? ;o  (Why they didn't stick to 'MG<i>F</i>' and just append the
horsepower numbers I don't know).

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> Why did Rover call the new car "TF"? Don't they realize MG already had a
> model.
> Same thing with Saab, a friend of mine was telling me all about his new
> 95. I told him my Dad had a Saab 95 back in the '50s. I still have the
> owners manual.
> Are these companies nostalgic or just stupid?

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