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Re: Webber down draft

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Subject: Re: Webber down draft
From: "Rick Lindsay" <>
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 08:42:45 -0600
> The general consensus is that it doesn't particularly improve performance
> all. It's just less finicky than a worn-out set of SUs...
> on 1/31/02 11:46 AM, Danny at wrote:
> > Has anyone had any experience with the Webber down draft two barrel carb
> > by Moss on a MGA?  Does it improve performance enough to justify the

   The Weber DGV is a 'progressive' carb.  That is, it runs on ONE
barrel (choke) at low throttle settings and progressively opens the
second barrel at higher settings.  This is opposed to synchronous
carbs where everything opens together.  The later are used especially
well where each barrel feeds it own runner, thereby allowing for
induction ram tuning.
   The DGV is known as a moderate performance, clean running carb,
lower performance than the twin SUs but better than the late
Strombergs (hell, an open hole and a squirt can of gas is better than
a Z-S!)  The big advantage of the DGV is that it's choke works
beautifully and it is stunningly reliable when installed correctly.  It
should NOT be viewed as a performance mod.
   Opinions only, based upon experience.  No connection...


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