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Re: One Begets Another....

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Subject: Re: One Begets Another....
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 08:06:01 -0800
Randy, all the reasons below, we all love our cars for one reason or
another, if you took everybodies input from the list it  would easily cover
all your ideas and add a bunch more too....!!
Just go for it....!!!!

Why not?

73 Midget.

"Randy Trautman" <> on 01/31/2002
09:02:09 PM

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Subject:    One Begets Another....

I've just finished a very long term nut and bolt restoration on my 69 GT.
am having a ball driving it and it took first place for GTs at the All
British Field Meet in Portland this summer.  So basically I'm pretty happy
and satisfied.

It's really quite nice to look out in the garage and see a complete car
rather than piles of parts wishing to be a car.  I just got rid of all of
leftovers at the swap meet too.  I love a nice clean bench and an empty

Then a lady from work stops by my cube and said she saw my MG at work.  She
has one that she is thinking about selling because she just doesn't have
time to play with it.  As best I can tell, it's a 72 roadster, documented
original owner (her car), original paint etc.  It hasn't run for at least
two years.  The picture looks pretty sweet.  It definitely does not need a
full restoration.  These things are like magnets.  I'm going to look at it
this weekend.

Help me.  Why should I need two?

- There is something morally wrong about a clean workbench?
- It would be fun to have one of each; GT and a roadster?
- They would look good side by side in the garage?
- One for my 13 year old MG nut daughter to drive soon (long blonde hair in
the wind - no way!)?
- I thrive on neglected machinery with potential?
- A roadster takes up less room in the garage than the minivan?
- If I don't buy this one, it might be my neighbor's that is in many
- I've never driven a top-down car?
- So I can imagine having hair blowing in the wind since I can't remember
that far back?
- Like the last one, it'll keep me off the streets?  At least in the dark?
- So the other half of my garage floor will be water repellent?


69 GT
94 VFR

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