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RE: One Begets Another....

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Subject: RE: One Begets Another....
From: "Mark Dawson" <>
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 09:07:25 -0500
> - It would be fun to have one of each; GT and a roadster?
> - I've never driven a top-down car?

These two reasons, if nothing else, are more than enough to pounce on this
opportunity! I never understood convertibles, as a kid, probably because Dad
poisoned me against them. They leak, they aren't safe (he just didn't want
me getting one when I turned 16). Well, he was right, of course, but once I
discovered the freedom of driving with the top down, there's no turning

I understand now very well what a Gold Wing motorcyclist once told me: when
you drive a car, you look at life through a frame, like a TV. You're inside,
and insulated. When you drive a motorcycle, you're *in* life, it passes all
around you.

And an MGB is just a motorcycle with a couple of very useful extra wheels.

I have a roadster, and I was looking for a GT for cruddy days. One of each,
makes perfect sense to me. And you already know most of the things about the
car, where to get parts, etc.

'75 MGB
'71 Bug
'71 Saab 95

PS. Nevermind that I got a Bug instead. :-)  I rationalised it as a) I've
always wanted one, and b) new challenges keep life interesting.

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