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Re: One Begets Another - Continued

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Subject: Re: One Begets Another - Continued
From: "Rick Brown" <>
Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2002 19:24:19 -0500
Sounds like a buy to me at the asking price.

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Subject: One Begets Another - Continued

> Well, I went to look at the 72 MGB roadster today.  As you may know, I
> already have a 69 BGT and am wondering why I would need two.  What we have
> is a willing, but unmotivated seller and a buyer sitting on a fence.  I
> the value of the parts, but am less certain of the value of a car as a
> whole.
> Asking price is $3500.
> Covered with sheets and a layer of sawdust, it is a documented original
> owner 1972 MGB, complete and original including all emissions stuff.  None
> of the mechanicals appear to have been disturbed which is rare.
> no body damage from collisions, rust or corrosion anywhere.  Only two
> dings and the usual rock chips around the nose.  All chrome and trim in
> excellent shape.  Dash is great, needs carpet and seat recover.  It has
> run for at least a year.  I connected a battery charger and the electrics
> seem to work.  I spun the engine with a wrench and all of the parts that
> should turn, do.  Since 1995, it has had the suspension rebuilt front and
> rear and a new clutch with master cylinder.  It needs a new exhaust,
> battery, tires and possible brakes.  The original paint should shine up
> nicely.
> She did not accept $3000 (I'm on a budget, saving some for repairs) and we
> agreed to talk Monday.  The car is not advertised.  Let me know what you
> think.  Please be gentle, I'm loosing sleep over it already.
> Randy

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