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OT: Cops, Tickets and Accidents

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Subject: OT: Cops, Tickets and Accidents
From: "Kai M. Radicke" <>
Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2002 21:06:22 -0500
Well given the current thread about cops giving tickets, and cops not giving
tickets I will relate something from less than 90 minutes ago.

My mother hit a parked car, and promptly called the police and waited.  In
the mean time she called me, and I grabbed a roll of film and my camera and
went over to the spot.  Immediately noted the other car was uninspected (no
inspection stickers at all) and parked the wrong way.  Photos taken.  Cop
arrives, notes the same things I did and then asks for the usual paper
work... turns out the owner of the car also had expired insurance.  There
were three infractions of the law, on the part of the owner of the other
car, and the cop failed to cite him for any of them!  To top it off, the
other driver had been stopped a week ago for having FAKE inspection stickers
on his car and has an impending court date.

Anyhow, while not denying that it was my mother's fault, we were taken aback
by the cop's lack of interest in the illegal automobile she hit or the
driver's lack of current insurance.  Reason why the cop didn't write a
ticket?  There is an inquest into a cop in our area, who our township has
suspended for something or another, and as sign of solidarity the local
police has decided to stop issuing tickets to stop the flow of revenue their
tickets generate for the township.

Quite sad.  Although on the upside, there is one less 1980s Dodge Aries in
the world (well I hope they total it anyhow)... my mother's Jetta (yup we
both have one) didn't sustain much damage, although on a 2002 model (as it
is) I'm sure that will still come out to be $2000 in parts and labour.

Cheers and watch out for those parked cars ;-)


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