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Re: A Cecil Kimber Memorial run

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Subject: Re: A Cecil Kimber Memorial run
From: Bullwinkle <>
Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2002 11:05:04 -0600

Way to go!


C Sherriff wrote:
> As we were reminded, today February 4th is the Anniversary of
> the tragic accident at Kings Cross Station in which Cecil Kimber
> lost his life.
> Today MG TB 0487 CUK 678 started up for the first time in 3
> months on the first turn of the starting handle and drove with
> windscreen flat and Aero screens awash through the pouring rain
> just a couple miles down the road to Oxford where it paused
> briefly outside  339 Woodstock Rd, then on to 1 Hernes Road, the
> Houses where Cecil Kimber resided in Oxford before moving to
> The Boundary House in Abingdon in 1933.
> Hope his spirit will have enjoyed being visited!
> Clive

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