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Re: No oil pressure

To: "Ken Waringa" <>, "MG" <>
Subject: Re: No oil pressure
From: "Bill Meyer" <>
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 12:05:46 -0700
Please don't ask why I know so much about this, but here goes!!
1. Prime it.  Look at Barney's website.  I've never had to prime a B engine,
but when nothing else works!!!
2. Kai mentioned he once had a new pressure relief that was too large.
Removing and checking can be done w/o removing engine, but its nigh onto
3. The most common problem is the oil pump gasket.  The kit comes with two
and both fit the block, but only one fits the pump!  This is quite obvious
once you compare.  Comparing means removing the oil pan.  On a RB, this can
be done directly.  On a CB, remove engine mount bolts and jack up the
engine - I did it with the engine hoist..
4. While the pump is out, spin it and see if it will pump.  If so, and if
the gasket is OK, replace the pump.  Place a pot full of oil on a floor jack
and, with the pan still removed, jack it up so the pump screen is submerged.
Start turning the engine over.  The place where the oil comes streaming out
of is the location where the machinist forgot to replace a plug!!

Bill Meyer

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