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RE: No oil pressure

Subject: RE: No oil pressure
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 04:45:59 -0500
Hi Ken,

I had a similar situation when I had assembled my BGT after restoration.
Everything had been taken from the engine bay.
The engine itself had not been worked on.
I also started cranking without the plugs in and nothing happened.
I was scared to death the engine would be damaged already.
So I asked the list and got the advise: keep on cranking!

It seems that filling the oil cooler by cranking costs quite some time
before the pressure builds up.

Anyway I did some extra cranking and yes the pressure went up to 60!

Perhaps it is just this and it may safe you a lot of work.
I order to prevent piston wear, you may put a little engine oil into each
cylinder before doing the cranking again.



'71 BGT

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Subject: No oil pressure

We reinstalled the rebuilt engine in a 1972 MGB yesterday, but when turning
it over without spark plugs we can't get any oil pressure.  Before you ask,
yes we did fill it with oil. :-)  To verify it wasn't just the gauge, I
disconnected the line from the block that feeds the oil gauge, and found
nothing.  I then removed the oil filter and it was still dry.

Any suggestions on what to do now?  We really don't want to pull the engine
if we can help it.



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