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RE: Safety Fast - Cops are not all that bad.

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Subject: RE: Safety Fast - Cops are not all that bad.
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Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 21:54:54 -0500
I kinda helped start this thread so let me clarify my position:

Cops ARE good guys generally (There are exceptions to every rule though). I
have a very high level of respect for them, the risks that they take to try
to protect us and I don't know what we'd do without them. There are a LOT of
crazies out there that don't have the driving (or other) skills and good
sense that most MGer's and other auto hobbyist and enthusiast's like us do.
Somebody's got to keep an eye on those people - and I wouldn't do it for the
low pay that most of them get for the risk that they take in this crazy
world that we live in.

Its just that I personally have the very WORST LUCK in the world! If I make
a mistake or if I get carried away with my MG's exhaust note sound, the wind
in my hair and I creep it up just a little too much, it's BOOM, GOTCHA!!!! I
know people (who claim) that they NEVER get stopped. I'm just the opposite.
I can't seem to get away with nuthin! I guess some people are just that way.

-Jerry Erbesfield
73 B Black Beauty roadster

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The last time I was stopped, I got a warning.

The Healey club was going to the UP to meet the Around The World Rally.
Since my Healey is not trustworthy, I took the C. The leader of the Caravan
wasn't experience, particularly on expressways. Going up I was the last car
and had to hit 95 to keep up. That was minor to following the Rally car
through the back woods of the UP on beat up two lane roads, in  a pouring
rain, at 75.

In the way back it was only the leader and myself, and I lost him on the
Illinois Tollway, and was going 80 to try to catch up. We had gotten away
with speeding going, but I got stopped on the way back.

When I saw the Police car I wondered how much it would cost to be 25 MPH
over the speed limit. He only accused me of changing lanes without signaling
and didn't mention speeding at all! All I got was a warning about changing

He did ask me where I was coming from, and I launched into the war story
about the rally, leaving out the speeding. He cut me off, and later I
realized he wanted to be sure I was using my antique plates for car related

Show some respect, and it goes a long way. I was an MP in the army, and
Gilbert and Sullivan had it right.

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