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Re: Parts Help - Re. Lawrie's response

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Subject: Re: Parts Help - Re. Lawrie's response
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Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 21:41:18 -0500

You are right on the thermal efficiency.

But, I was lucky, I didn't lay out big bucks.  I was shopping for 1-3/4"
SU's when I came across the carbs, manifold & head at only a few hundred
more than JUST the carbs.  Only reason the head went on was the "Agony of
August."  So, what is that you ask?

On August 2nd, I was on my way to NJ for an appointment.  Three blocks from
home I start getting awful noises & BIG loss of power.  Nursed B to
son-in-law's.  Took his car to NJ.  On return, compression test revealed
blown gasket at #3 & 4.  Head removal & maganaflux also revealed a MAJOR
crack from above plug #2 up and along the exhaust port 1/2 way across the
head.  The shop couldn't get to repair it before end of September.  Big race
of the year is Labor Day weekend.  What to do?  Called a bunch of MGB
tuners.  None had a head on-the-shelf.  I had this x-flow head on my shelf.
So, by Aug. 9, it was on & operating.  Then the trans started making noise &
vibrating in 3rd.  (90% of Lime Rock is spent in 3rd.)  After a week of
calling all over the world, I found a guy (Quantum Mechanics) to build me a
c.r., 4-synch, o.d. trans.  That was built & put in with one day to spare
before trailering the B to Lime Rock.  Managed to cut 5 seconds off my
previous best time that weekend.  And, nothing broke.  Only damage is a
"Fiat crease" in the right-side door.

I am looking forward to getting a cast iron head back on.  It just arrived
this week from Fab-Tek.  A work of art!  Rest of engine will be on way soon.
Aiming to lower Lime Rock time by at least as much again, AND not having any
"Agony of August" this year.  Goal is to test new gear at MG Focus Event at
NHIS on Aug. 3 - 5.  (Any other Digest members going?)

Norm Sippel
'66 MGB

P.S.:  Anyone know of a ski rack that fits MGB's?  I used to have one on my
first B back in 1966.  It clamped to the trunk lip fore & aft & carried 2
pair of skis.

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> Norm,
> There's a big difference in the efficiency and heat-dissipation
> characteristics of an aluminum crossflow head and a stock cast iron head!
> (Isn't that why you laid out the big bucks for the crossflow?). One of the
> advantages is that you can run higher compression with the aluminum head,
> your numbers don't surprise me.
> Lawrie
> British Sportscar Center
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> Date: Monday, February 04, 2002 5:36 PM
> Subject: Parts Help - Re. Lawrie's response
> >Lawrie:
> >
> >I am wondering what kind of gas your customer was using that had so much
> >pinging.  I have a Pierce Manifold cross-flow alum. head on my
> >B and recently did a compression test.  Found I had from 182 - 185#
> >compression.  I don't get pinging except under rare circumstances. And, I
> >normally just run 93 octane pump gas.  Once in a while I'll put a few
> >gallons of 110 race gas in.
> >
> >Norm Sippel
> >'66 multi-purpose MGB

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