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Re: reference material

Subject: Re: reference material
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 22:53:11 EST
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> I am seeking some good reference material (books, or videos) that will give
> me broad overview of MGB history, technical specs and restoration info. I
> realize there are a lot of web sites out on the internet, but it is a bit
> difficult to take the computer everywhere I go.

Welcome Jon.  Plenty of good books and videos.

Clausager's "Original MGB".  Porter's "MGB Restoration Manual".  The Bentley 
Bible -- "The Complete Official MGB".  There's also "MGB - The Illustrated 
History" and on and on and on.  A good place to check is  
They often have good prices.

There are also several very good videos.MGB Maintanence Video, The MGB Video, 
MGB Engina Rebuild Video and MG's Across America.  Moss carries all of these, 
and they can also be had from

First thing is to get a Moss catalog.  There are a couple of suppliers on 
this list and they can help with parts and %off Moss prices.  Also, for 
comparison purposes (and also for good alternate sources) get catalogs from 
Victoria British, The Proper MG, Brit-Tek, and I'm probably missing one or 

This list will be a great source when it's time to buy the engine (or, if you 
want to get into a debate about whether your car is ideal for a V8 conversion 

Steve in NJ

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